about the process

The process of getting a website is simple for you.

First, you have to contact me. You can do so by sending me an e-mail.

Second, we have a meeting (In Person, over the phone, or the web). During this meeting we decide what kind of website is right for you. I.E. – Do you need regular updates? Will you want an image gallery? We decide on your logo, and domain name, like www.yoursite.com. Then, we get ideas on a layout. Maybe you already have an idea in mind of how you want the site to look, maybe you want to imitate another site, or maybe you want me to come up with something totally unique for you.

Third, I make your template. That’s like a skeleton for your site. If you don’t like colors, or the way the logo looks, we change it then. You’ll get the basic idea of how your site’s going to look.

Fourth, I then add your content management system followed by your content. This can include any galleries, posts for the start, image sliders, etc.

Last, we have one final meeting to make sure the site is how you want it, then the site goes live. (That means everyone can see it!) Now, you can start advertising for your site, and I get your site on the search engines.

That’s it! Need more? No Problem. I’m always in contact to make sure everything’s functioning the way it should.