WordPress is a great tool for managing your website. You may have heard that it’s not secure, it attracts spam, or other bad things – However, I can confirm this is not true. Think of it like this: You buy a new computer, then don’t install any antivirus on it – then you sign up for an email address, browse a bunch of websites and sign up for all of them with your new email. Chances are, you’re going to catch a virus, and likely attract a cluster of spam mail.  You could argue that “Well, I shouldn’t have to install antivirus, I’ll just buy a mac!” – Yes that’s true. You can pay the premium to have something more secure right away – a custom developed CMS that has whatever features you may need to get started. But what happens when you want more custom developed features? Or a new way to interact with your customers? How much will that cost? Do you really want to pay a premium for a product, when you can have one that’s just as good (if not better), can be made equally as secured, and is used and developed for by thousands? Especially when it can be offered for very little to no cost for you? I know many just offer “repackaged open source” websites, and I’d like to think that’s not what we do. Sure, we use WordPress as a back end for our websites – and that’s not because we’re lazy or because we can’t code (we can, and quite well if needed). It’s because we can use WordPress as a great starting platform. Since we’re not spending most of our time and your money working on basic features that don’t come with a custom CMS, (or even advanced features) we get to spend our time working to make sure your site is unique, attractive, and modern. This meaning your not just getting a theme-of-our-last-clients-with-a-new-header-and-colors. You get individuality.

WordPress can offer everything that you’d get with a fully customized CMS, at a fraction of the cost – and that’s where I come in. Maybe you don’t want a prefabricated theme that’s used by a thousand other business or individuals. You want something unique. You want something responsive that works with today’s modern devices. Well, I can do that. I can develop a theme/website that will meet your exact needs as a business or individual, while still offering the support and usability of a largely supported back end. I also do it for a fraction of the cost it would take to get it built elsewhere.

Feel free to contact me, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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